Monday, October 14, 2013

Results from the questionnaire

When the school year ended last year, we prepared a questionnaire concerning the evaluation of the programme during its first year. The questionnaires were filled in by students of the six participating countries. The results of the questionnaire are the following:
the questionnaire

Friday, June 28, 2013

Greece - Dancing WorkShop

Italy - Traditional Occupations - Wool

Italy - Dancing WorkShop

Spain - Traditional Occupations

Flower Pot

Santiago's WorkShop
WorkShop Spanish Artists Primary

Traditional song and dance from Cáceres
Redoble, Redoble
Vuelve a redoblar
Con este redoble
Me vas a matar
Me vas a matar
Me voy a morir
Con este redoble
Vuelvo a repetir.
Las de la calle Caleros
Se lavan con aguardiente.
Las del Caminito Llano
Con agüita de la fuente.
Los señores de levita
Se mueren por las del moño
Por eso las señoritas
Se las llevan los demonios.
 A las de la calle Caleros,
La multa le van a echar,
Por tener en los zaguanes,

Las tinajas de la cal.

Spain - Songs and Dances

Poland - Workshop How to make butter

Poland - Museum

Poland - Dancing Workshop

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Board Game –Monuments all over Europe

One of the tasks of our project was to create a board game with monuments of our countries. Students from all partner schools chose the monuments which represent their region, made paintings of them and produced the board game.

Each student has to roll the dice and then provide the name of the country and some piece of information concerning the monument. The younger players only have to provide the name of the country.

Press here to learn about the monuments