Agrinio GREECE

Our school is situated in the centre of a city called Agrinio .  Agrinio is a city of 100,000 people surrounded by lakes and is one of the largest cities of Western Greece. Our school is a historical school built in 1931 but completely renovated two years ago. It is located next to Municipal Library  and the Archaeological Museum of the city.  It was funded by “Papastratou brothers” and that is why it is called “Papatrateia Ekpaideutiria”.  It is considered to be a fully-equipped modern school which caters for 220 students aged 6 to 12. Our school contains plenty of facilities such as computer lab, english lab, library, music room and gym. There is one head teacher, one deputy head teacher, 14 teachers , one teacher of Physical Education,  one teacher of English, one teacher of French, one teacher of German and one teacher of Music. We all constitute a community which aims at providing children a warm and caring learning environment. That is why, we are interested in innovative cultural projects in order to share our culture and history and become aware of other cultures, too.


  Szkoła Podstawowa nr 10 is situated in the center of the town, next to the sport center and the town hall. For years has been involved in cooperation with the local theatre (Tearte Dzieci Zaglebia) and music school. Many pupils attend the local school, play some instuments. There are over 300 pupils aged 5-12 in our school. Except the primary school we have got also one pre-school class -25 children aged 5-6.
Some children in our school suffer from the effects of social exclusion caused by unemployment.

Chieti ITALY

   The DIREZIONE DIDATTICA VI  Circle of Chieti includes 3 primary schools including 2 full-time and one full-time and normal-time. All schools are located in flat area of the city and collect pupils from territory and from neighboring countries.
    The school is known for the many activities on the environment and traditions of the region. In fact one of them there is a museum of local traditions.

Limassol CYPRUS

Cyprus trimiklini from gvlachos

Trimiklini Elementary school is a rural elementary school situated in the village of Trimiklini. Currently the schools has 80 pupils that come from the 11 of the surrounding villages. The school is one of the 15 schools all over Cyprus that incorporates a full day schedule from 07:30 - 16:00 while the majority of primary schools of Cyprus work from 07:30 - 13:05. Therefore children have the opportunity to eat at school with their classmates and also enjoy a wide range of extra activities during the extra hours that they remain at school

Cáceres SPAIN

Our school is a small public school with more or less 150 pupils aged 3 to 12 years old and 18 teachers.  It is set in the town of Cáceres, in the middle-west part of Spain and with a population of 90.000.  More than ten towers dominate the historic quarter of Cáceres, delimited by Arab walls. Cobbled streets marked by Medieval, fortified homes and Renaissance palaces make up the most beautiful sceneries in our town, which was declared World Heritage in 1986.  We are very proud of our town and want to share its beauty with everybody. For that reason in our school we are interested in history and traditions, in sharing them with others as well as in learning from others.


     Our school is a coeducational establishments that educates boys and girls from ages 5-12. We are an urban school that is 9 miles from Glasgow. Our school is in an area of high social deprivation and about 0.33 of our pupils qualify for free school meals; and such we have all of the challenges that come with deprivation. We have one of the highest FME in West Durtbartonshire. Our last HMIe inspection found that we provided a very good education for our pupils and that International Education is an area of good practice. We are the recipients of an International School Award, we are members of Eco-Schools and we have been awarded two Green Flags. Our most recent award was Unicef Rights Respecting School Level II