The Aim

           Participation in the project will let students and teachers learn about previously  vaguely known regions of Europe, their traditions, culture and history, and thanks to it, broaden their knowledge about the cultural diversity of Europe. 
           Thanks to the project, all its participants will exchange information concerning the history of the regions of the partner schools as well as learn about their traditions, legends, dances, music, theatre and previously extremely popular and typical for a given region but now fading jobs/crafts.
The projects prepared by the students will be used as a way of promoting their region in the European countries and acquaint the European community with the unknown face of their country.                              
           They will become an opportunity to popularize regional folk dances and songs, traditional crafts such as embroiding or folk paper cutting  as well as theatre and film artists not widely known in Europe.
            Through the project students will be given the opportunity to know the countries they have never been before and probably haven’t heard much about their traditions, culture or history. Some of these countries students know only becaue of  holidays so the project will give a chance to learn more about them. They will learn about different religions, different traditions of celebrating Christmas or Easter. Students and also all school community will be able to learn basics of the partner countries languages, not only during video conferences but also during study visits at the partner schools and meeting local artists in these countries and this way to break barriers  among countries and people.  
             The project will gave a chance to meet the members of different parts of Europe: North, East and South Europe with their different traditions, cultures and religions.