Friday, November 30, 2012

Polish Myth

Devil's Stones

Legend about the creation of the small church on  "Dorotka Hill"*

At construction of the small church on "Dorotka" it happened, that what bricklayers built during a day, was destroyed within the night.
When contemporary parish priest Rev. Lipnicki noticed those pranks, he put the guard at construction, with telling to apprehend perpetrators. On the first night security guards noticed nothing and nobody. For the second night, about midnight, they heard some terrible noises in air, and in a minute spotted large pieces of rocks falling around the small church being built. Frightened guards ran away from their positions, and in the morning all over the settlement a news spread, that the dead hand was carrying stones, in order to demolish the temple being built. Parish priest having examined stones, decided to fight evil spirits off the hill with exorcisms . On closest Sunday he set off from the church to the hill with the procession and here amongst prayers devoted the top of a mountain one more time to the four directions of the world. When the evening approached, security guards left to their place, in order to keep a close watch on the work. Until midnight silence prevailed around. But at very midnight something terribly whispered. From the north side a pack of black devils appeared. Having struck to the forest surrounding the building, they already grabbed gigantic stones into claws, in order to demolish walls of the temple. But from the east a few angels turned up at this moment and begun to fight against Satan, They extracted the stones from the devils' paws with such power that the rocks fell as far as in surroundings of Siemianowice**, where up till today they lie broken to smaller chips, over that area of a few miles with visible tracks of claws. The part of the stones marked by devils, one can still watch next to walls of the small church on "Dorotka". But since then the evil hasn't appeared on the hill and hasn't prevented the building of the small church from completing.

* “Dorotka” is the highest hill in B  ędzin

**Siemianowice – one of the cities in Silesia, abou t 20km far from Będzin