Friday, November 30, 2012

Spanish Myth

In the XII century, Cáceres was a big Arab fortress. It was governed by an arrogant and proud Moorish Kaid.
The city had many palaces and mansions that were connected together by underground passages and alleys. Among them, there was a very famous one called “MANSABORÁ” which lead to the Kaid´s palace.
Alfonso IX, a Christian King, wanted to reconquer Cáceres and have control over the Moors.  For such a purpose, he sent his best captain to negotiate with the Kaid. When the captain got to the palace and saw the beautiful Moorish princess, they both fell in love with each other.
When the captain was leaving the palace, one of the princess´ maids gave him a handkerchief. Inside it, there was a message from the princess, inviting him to go to the “MANSABORÁ” alley at night, where one of her maids would be waiting to guide him into the palace. In that way they started to meet every night.
But one day, thinking that it would be good for the Christians, and even for his love, that wouldn´t have to be a secret anymore, he told his king about the secret entrance to the palace.
There was a battle and the Christians won. When the Kaid discovered the reasons for his defeat, went mad and threw his daughter and her maidens to the “MANSABORÁ” passage and transformed them into hens. There, as a punishment, they will have to stay until Cáceres is reconquered by the Moors again. The only night they can be seen or heard is the 23rd April, St George´s Day.